Important Information

Dr. Aldridge’s Shout Outs And Announcements

Congratulations to Mrs. Foutch’s class for bringing in the most box tops & labels! Your class won a silly string party!
Thank you to the following parents who helped count labels: Juliana Canaan, Kasey Barnes, Stephanie Preddie, Misti Martinez, TK & Paul Johnson, Krista Harris, Amie McGinn, Leslie Moran, Jennifer Wise, Catie Hastings, Rebecca Mills, Shannon Jackson, Erin Grooms, Stephanie Page, Shawna Ruby, Tiffany Williams, Whitney Sperance, Krista Marcy, Dawn Etherton, Brandy Crissman, Lori Schirg, Janice Borchert, Katherine Louw, Tawnya Lassiter, Lisa Orweiler, Connie Herron, Lisa Gomes, Kyann Graham, Lindsay Born, Cindy Eberly, Melba Anne Barrett, Crystal Burks, Jennifer Garner, Amy Brady, and Paula Kolish. PTO will have the next label drive Jan 25-29, 2016.

Congratulations to Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Bowen for getting 100% Kroger participation! Your classes will receive a Sonic, Baskin Robbins or Krispy Kreme party! It’s not too late to help our school by registering.

Parent Conferences are Thursday, October 8th.
REMINDER: Fall Break is October 8th – 16th. No school. Enjoy fall!
Mark your calendars! Join PTO for a fun family matinee movie outing to see Hotel Transylvania 2 on Friday, October 9th.
Please RSVP to We hope to see you and your little ones there!

Please register for REC TREK at
PTO is sending Rec Trek Pledge Packets home today. Every student who registers & gets one online donation will receive a JAGUAR DOG TAG for Rec Trek!
Reminder! If you would like to help sponsor our Rec Trek shirts ($30 to have your student’s name printed on the back) or buy one for yourself or siblings ($5 each), please send a check to JAE PTO with a note Wednesday, Oct 7. Your Jack Anderson student(s) will receive a shirt at no charge thanks to our awesome sponsors! Penny Wars start October 19th

A BIG “Thank You” to Chad A. Collier, of Collier Engineering Co, Inc. for sponsoring last week’s exciting “Glow Stick” STEM-task-ic experiment! Did you know that glow sticks light up due to a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence? Our students do! After learning why light emits from an activated glow stick, our students set out to make several predictions. Does submerging an activated glow stick in different temperatures affect its brightness? Which temperature caused the glow stick to lose its brightness the fastest?

Thank you to Jeff Ashley Hollis for sponsoring the supplies used for their daughter’s classroom for their habitat challenges!